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In the treatment of sinusitis, the goal is to open sinus passages and restore proper air flow and drainage. For each patient, the treatment procedure depends on the severity and cause of their sinusitis. A number of treatment procedures are available, ranging from nasal sprays and corticosteroids, to allergy shots and surgery. New treatment options are also available that can help you find the relief you need without depending on medication or what could be painful invasive surgical procedures and long recovery times.

The SinuSys Vent-Os System is one of these options.

The Vent-Os Sinus Dilation System is an exciting new approach to treating sinusitis that uses self-expanding osmotic technology to open and clear sinus passages. Because it’s natural and gradual, osmotic expansion can be performed quickly and comfortably in your physician’s office, often with local—or even topical—anesthesia.

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